What is WorkSnapper?

WorkSnapper enables you to monitor your employees more efficiently by tracking their time and managing their productive working hours. It generates intuitive reports of their total productive hours, idle time, time sheets as well as real time locations.
  • Desktop Screenshots

    WorkSnapper helps in desktop tracking throughout the work session by taking screenshots of the desktop/workstation at stipulated times thus allowing manager to monitor and track the activity of the employee during his work hours.
  • WebCam Images

    WorkSnapper, online employee tracking software allows you to snap images through the webcam. It monitors the activity of your remote employees and allows you to perform random audits to ensure that your employees are on task and are not distracted.
  • GPS Tracking

    GPS tracking makes real time position tracking possible and is an effective way to monitor and track employees. Employees who are constantly on the move like sales team or service team can be effectively tracked on the real time basis with their present locations.
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